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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A bunch of deep questions, and a bunch of light answers

There are some very deep questions to be asked.

1. What is a government
2. What is a country
3. What is the goal of a government
4. What makes these people, and not those people, a government for this country

5. What is money
6. What is debt
7. What is inflation

8. What is a corporation
9. What is the goal of a corporation
10. What makes these , and not those , a corporation?

11. What is law? What is a court? What is legal punishment?

#11 is hard. To a large extent, the answers given in the first 4 define a big deal of #11. But perhaps this is the wrong approach -- perhaps #11 should be answered first, and from that work backwards to determine #1-4.

I don't expect everyone to agree with my answers. These are not "deep" answers that follow -- they are fairly shallow. Every one of these can be expanded into a long article.

But this gives a starting point. Lacking some sort of overview, nothing else that I say will make sense.

(WARNING: This is LONG. Every one of these points can be expanded into a full length blog. Consider this post an overview only; each of these will be examined, although not necessarily immediately, and not necessarily in this order. If you are going to skip this, please look at an excellent examination of this in fiction, "The Ungoverned".
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