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Planned upcoming posts

 Unlike all other pages on this blog, this page is expected to change on a regular basis.

This page is primarily a "scrap pad". It will contain titles and maybe one or two sentences about each idea being considered.

One of the big issues I ran into that stopped my postings for almost 3 months was overload. Too many things to discuss, too tangled into a large mess. Part of the point of this page is to do some sorting out.

So, with that, here are some upcoming ideas and pages:

Checks and balances and the supreme court

Nature of government and company -- initial thoughts now up
Global environmental tax
Tax and rebate
Design of a progressive income tax

A look at the Arizona Law

Reducing the fractional reserve
Loans by the government to people
Nature of financial growth and bankrupcies
A theory of economic collapse prediction
Fountain and sink model of money supply

Money: generated by government fiat and removed by taxation.
Money: Large chunks at low rates direct from government to individuals
Money: Supplied to all citizens at survival rates

Taxation: Tax incomes higher than "minimum wage"

Corporate accounting: Major changes (multiple entries here)

Fractional reserve: A look at what it is, why it is, and why it is good and bad. Ideas on removing it. Essential nature of reducing it.

Bankrupcies as the only true increase in money supply. A look at "accumulating discharged debt" as a prediction of recessions.

Bankruptcy vs. fractional reserve -- two opposing sides of the same conflict.

Inflation as a three sided issue -- population, money supply, and demand; why it completely fails to be addressed properly in normal economic theory. Currently partially up.