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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Draft 2 of proposed amendment #1

The proposed amendment is now being broken up into many small parts.

We start with this:

Proposed amendment to the US Constitution.

1. It is recognized that an implied right of the 9th amendment is the right to a election, and vote count, that is relatively free of corruption and error, given the current level of technology and ability.

2. No vote count that fails the test of corruption and error shall be certified. If necessary, a second election shall be held using different technology.

3. Congress shall have all authority to pass laws addressing any issue with regard to this, including but not limited to:
* Accuracy of voting machines and the vote count procedure
* Determination of acceptable technologies.

(** Important: What else should go into this list? **)

4. Enforcement of this amendment shall be delayed 5 years after approval. The intent and purpose of this delay is to give states the opportunity to acquire voting equipment that satisfies basic accuracy standards, as well as to provide congress with the opportunity to consider and discuss, and pass laws in accordance with section 3.

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